We mainly work Robinia Pseudo-Acacia wood. It is considered as the main wood for outdoor purposes, so hard and stable that it can be compared to other kinds of exotic woods like Teak. The most interesting property is its resistance to changing weather conditions, to moisture, fungus, bugs and insects (it is also used in building bridges, posts and sport equipments).

The main forests of Robinia are located in the balkan area, close to our region, Friuli Venezia Giulia. We do take care that wood purchasing and processing are made according to FSC® standards and regulations. By using the FSC® logo we also keep our commitment for the rights of the workers and the welfare of the community. By choosing our products, our customers help us to support environmental protection programs aimed to contrast illegal overfelling which damages the biodiversity of the forestry ecosystem.

Robinia is a perfect marriage between aesthetics and quality: it can be used outdoors without chemical treatments or coated with natural products. Its properties can be compared to the better known african, asian or south american exotic woods but it grows in europe and needs short transport. WOODENLIGHT designers cooperate with technicians, suppliers and customers to create a top-quality product. Excellent hardness of Robinia wood allows it to resist to weather conditions.

These properties allows us to develop a wide range of modular flooring in different sizes. Bases can be made of wood as well as plastic, snap-fit frames, for easy and quick laying of the flooring. The different colors and finishing of the tops allow us to match any requirement our customer may have to satisfy.

In addition to Robinia we also use other European timbers particularly suitable for outdoors, such as pinewood and larch, with property of decay and bending resistance.

We Aim To Do Our Best to be always up-dated with current trends of design, to offer interesting and innovative solutions manufactured with natural and endurable materials.